Simple and Worth to try now – Making Organizational Leaders Successful

To be a successful organizational leader you have to build your organization, align your team and the business below it. The one most important aspect of this is: Providing Organizational Clarity.

What is the purpose of this Company?
What is it, that makes our work unique for our clients?
What is your own organizational unit responsible for – what do You have to provide now, what is Your focus?
What would support our group’s excellence now with the given ressources.
The message needs to be clear, crisp and precise. It sounds so very simple, but it is the one thing that is NOT available in many organizations, as McKinsey points out in a white paper. The messages around organizational clarity should be repeated often and whenever necessary or possible to provide direction and as guidance when people might struggle with decisions. It is essential for all co-workers to understand what and how they should pursue their tasks at hand (Including „Whats next?“). It also provides self confidence and feedback regarding their excellence and reassures that they are needed and valued.

Managers who can provide that clarity in their environment can lead successfully and lead healthy organizations. On the other side, these messages must be responsive to the environment and culture they head up. It would be wrong to assume, that any clear statement and or any guideline will do in any environment or context. That is is the cultural awareness and sensibility that is so much needed.

But, no matter what environment you’re in, no matter what your company is all about, leaders of organizations must provide this set of core message and provide organizational clarity. So in the VUCA, SCRUM, strict hierarchies, even in the military world this is set of messages to motivate any action, and attack any problem that needs to be resolved. Training and empowering managers to provide that message in a crisp and comprehensive way is core to success leading organizations, though some find this particularly difficult.

There are numerous IT systems that provide operational data, run, administer or help the workflow. They do not answer the core message.

However, Managers only need one System that provides ALL the valid input!
This system provides all the methodology, all the documentation, a great chunk of the decision support and reliable data to formulate this exact clear message. It documents with clarity that everybody in the organization can understand and break down for their own level in the organization.

This system is available and can be made effective within a week!
You will be starting to benefit from the system within one week and it changes and simplifies your day. It comes along with many additional and integrated features for Talent and People Management that help in all related issues of providing organizational clarity to all Stakeholders.

HARRISON ASSESSMENTS shows, how things should be done, where people need to stretch and learn, what motivates (and demotivates) people and how things are normally delivered. Organizational leaders can discuss and align based on measured and valid facts and insights that are down to earth and relevant to the actual job and performance at hand. They can get their head around the organizational health in hard figures and have risk indicators for early warning.

Managers and Organizational Leaders, who are interested to learn, how to use it may contact me.
If you want to see more background or literature supporting the case, do not hesitate to contact me. There is a lot of advice and literature out there, mostly about what should be done but barely nothing on what you could do different tomorrow. The difference to us is, that we have an executable way to get it on the road right away.

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